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About Ramugondo Secondary School

1.School History

The school was started in 1987 as a Junior Sec. school starting from grade 8 - grade 10. It is located on  one of the Hills  of Ngudza Village. 

It had  five educators  and that was inclusive of the the principal Mr. Khomunala R. 

The school run  well even though there were some challenges  such as  absence of proper road leading to the school , absence of electricity  and poor infrastructure in terms of the provisioning of the classes. 

The school grew as years passed by and it became the  fully fledged Secondary School starting from grade 8 - 12.

The curriculum was good because it provided for all the children from the community even though it was limited to two main streams and that was MATHS AND SCIENCE  and GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. 

The name of the school takes after the chief in the village  and that is CHIEF RAMUGONDO,  who contributed immensely towards establishment and development of the school. 

The school had been headed by four principals since then to date.The school is flourishing or doing well in terms of results and producing  learners who end up in the Universities.


Vuwa u shume



RAMUGONDO SEC.SCHOOL strives to equip learners with excellent academic learning experience, knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which lead to serve the community and the country as a whole.


Educators, parents and SGB of Ramugondo Secondary School are fully dedicated and engaging themselves in developing the school in all its spheres and as an entity.   

The school will make sure that all learners at the school are provided or equipped with the necessary skills to develop the themselves, the school and the community at large.

Instil a spirit of competency and team building among learners and educators.

Encourage parental involvement in the development of school transformation and foundation for learning programmes which will improve reading, writing Maths, Science and Technological skills abilities to all learners.

Promote moral values of patriotism and diversity in culture.

Encourage effective teaching and learning coupled with good management.  Our school focuses on the following values:

-       Equity

-       Human dignity

-       Responsibility

-       Accountability

-       Openness

-       Transparency

-       Commitment or work ethics





Call Us +27 76 471 9288

Ngudza Village, Thohoyandou, 0971,Limpopo 0971,South Africa

School Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Sunday: Closed

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